Introducing Sjane, Caringa Australia’s Support Coordinator!

Introducing Caringa Australia’s Superstar Support Coordinator Sjane! Get to know her a little better below:

💥Why did you choose to work at Caringa Australia?

I actually kept handing my resume in until finally I got a call when Caringa was recruiting. I was in childcare prior and worked with younger kids that had disabilities and my heart just grew so much more. I had been studying and wasn’t sure which road to take until I was shopping and I saw a young lady with her support worker and the support worker was too busy on their phone and not listening to her. That moment I went home and did my first resume so I could become a support worker who would listen and I haven’t looked back since.

💥What is your favourite aspect of living in the Clarence Valley?

I love how the Clarence Valley is so community orientated. I remember when I was in my early teens and wanted to get out then I just got more involved in the town and it grew on me. Since I was young I have volunteered for Legacy week every year. As part of a project I set up the soup kitchen over in South Grafton and after that I realised just how much the Clarence Valley has to offer.

💥What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to eat cheese and fish when I can and also enjoy a glass of beer or wine. In my spare time I enjoy getting tattooed, camping and chilling out with my step-daughter, baking, teaching her new things, and spending time with my family & friends. The small things in life is what it’s all about. 🐠🐟

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