Caringa Online Auction – Fundraising for Community

In celebrating our 70th year of delivering supports to members of our community with disability, we’ve decided to get back to our roots and give back to our community! We have been fundraising the past few months for an amazing community resource that will be available for all community events and the like.

What are we fundraising for:

In collaboration with Creative Sensory Spaces in Newcastle, we have commissioned Dr Bliss Cavanagh and her team, to create a magical sensory space in a 20ft, air conditioned shipping container. Sensory rooms are a place where individuals can go when they feel overstimulated. A sensory room provides a calming environment where an overstimulated person can regain control of their emotions while enjoying sensory tools and toys without having to leave the community events.

How can you help:

This community gift has been a huge undertaking, so we need your help. We currently have a number of incredible donations on offer via our online auction. Are you a sporting tragic who is looking for the perfect piece for your pool room? Or have a loved one that would love a piece of memorabilia for Christmas?

Check out the link – and bid away!

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