Introducing Chris Browne – Behaviour Support Practitioner!

Working as part of Carina Australia’s therapy team, Chris brings a wealth of experience, passion and care to his role servicing the Coffs Coast and Clarence Valley areas.

Positive behaviour support (PBS) is a behaviour management system used to seek, understand and encourage positive behaviours and minimise negative behaviours. It seeks to enhance the quality of life for an individual by focusing on positive behaviour. Positive Behaviour Practitioners use Functional Behaviour Assessments to clearly describe behaviours, why and when behaviours will and will not occur. PBS provide strategies to enhance positive behaviours and minimise negative and challenging behaviours. They also summarise and create a hypothesis about the behaviour, directly observe the behaviour and take data to understand the purpose of behaviours. The positive behaviour support process involves goal identification, information gathering, hypothesis development, support plan design, implementation and monitoring.

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