Behaviour Support

Caringa understands that sometimes everyone needs a plan.

Caringa has qualified and professional Behaviour therapists to help you achieve your goals.   

Caringa offers:

Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support
Specialised intensive interventions, assessment and behaviour support plan development.

Training in Behaviour Management Strategies
Training for carers and others who support you.

Individual Social Skills Development
Build your social skills for community and social activities.

Funding for Behaviour Support is through the Improving Relationships item within the Capacity Building Supports funding category.

Caringa Australia charges prices that are outlined in the NDIS price guide.

This July, Caringa is excited to share that we are now OPEN for NEW Behaviour Support referrals!

Reach out to Bree directly for a 1:1 chat.

Bree Dahl (she/her)

Clinical Lead


Behaviour Support Practitioner

For more information and to start your personalised Behaviour Support conversation, contact us today!

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