Introducing Caringa Physiotherapy!

Attention Clarence Valley and Coffs Coast! Are you looking for a Physiotherapist to help you achieve your NDIS goals?

Physiotherapists help people move throughout their life – their whole body or individual parts of their body, so they can achieve their goals. For babies and young children, we help them develop their motor skills, such as sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, and throwing balls through play activities. For older children, adolescents and adults we help them to still develop their movement by giving them suggestions to increase their muscle strength, flexibility, posture and breathing. We work with the person on their balance and coordination to help them move safely and decrease falls. Physios can also help a person achieve sporting and recreation activities and goals, and activities such as bike riding. Physios may use special positioning or mobility equipment to help people sit up, walk and move around as they want to do. When working with people with a disability we work closely with the person, their families or carers, other therapists, teachers and support workers.

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