Recognition of Service

Celebrating 58 years with Caringa Australia!

Ross Bailey started his Caringa Community Journey in 1966.

This month we want to take a moment to celebrate and share our recognition of Ross’s outstanding contribution throughout 58 years of service at Caringa Australia.

“From 1966 through to today, Ross has been a constant, throughout the Caringa Community and Social Enterprise arms of our team, working his butt off to get things done.

Starting way back when at the Caringa School, moving to the Paper Salvage team, and then onto the Topcuts Lawn and Garden business; Ross finally decided to grace us with his presence in the Workshop where he has worked on many machines and jobs.

He is still here every Mon and Friday, unless he needs a haircut, getting it done.”

Col Wormald, Mate (and Team Leader Caringa Employment)

“Ross is a well-known character especially in Ulmarra, around where he grew up.

Ross started at the Caringa workshop exactly one week after turning 15, just after he left school.

When I started as CEO, he was anxious to meet me as he was worried I would sack him. Perhaps he thought his age might have tempted me to suggest he retire!

But to me, Ross personifies the legacy of Caringa as a lifelong and much-loved member of our community.”

Leon Ankersmit, CEO Caringa Australia

Thank you to Ross for being an integral part of the Caringa Community for the past 58 years,
with so many more stories still yet to be told as a part of your Complete Life!

Learn about Caringa’s Vision Mission and Values here.

Caringa is always on the lookout for values aligned individuals like Ross to join our team. 

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One thought on “Recognition of Service

  1. Hey buddy ,I hope you remember me ? Lance Cain an ex- supervisor. Great to read your story, matter of fact I’m down the other end of Ulmarra in river st so I’ll make it to call in and say hello if you can see my on your busy schedule being the mayor,premier,prime minister and Lord of Ulmarra, heck I live over the road from your family park. All the best Rosco…

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