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Found in the CEO’s Outbox this week…

Dear Team

I want to give you an example of why I am so proud to work at Caringa. 

Last week, a gentleman who receives SIL support from our team became unwell. He wasn’t able to tell us this because he is non-verbal and he relates somewhat differently to pain. One of his Support Workers picked up on a change in his usual manner and worked out that he was in pain. He was taken to hospital and had urgent surgery to remove a potentially life-threatening risk. This all happened on a Monday.

By the time I visited him on Thursday, he was back to his old self, more or less.

Every day, you as our Support Workers use your skills, experience and careful judgement; as well as a thorough knowledge of the people you support, to provide excellent care, support and opportunities, for people to live their best lives, and thrive. 

Our Support Teams are led by highly committed, passionate and wise Team Leaders, who work long hours to keep houses and programs ticking along and who help our front-line to excel in ordinary and exceptional ways. 

Our Team Leaders are backed up by a small crew of Specialists who look after important details including restrictive practices, clinical services, billing, asset management, safety and quality. 

Then we have a team of ‘People and Culture’ experts and roster managers who take care of the human resources, induction and training, and rostering.

We have Ruby who ensures that everyone can find what they need to do their job, in various systems and processes, and who makes sure that all our records are kept accurately and up-to-date with the ever-changing rules we work under.

I haven’t even yet mentioned all the people who pay the bills, approve the invoices, coordinate the support, answer the phones, write the minutes, pay the wages, and negotiate the external relationships and contracts. Add in the cleaners, gardeners, IT and communications workers, factory, workshop and maintenance crews… 

But last week; altogether in your crucial and highly valued ways, you made it possible for this gentleman, a valued member of our Caringa Community, who had a medical emergency on Monday to be looked after at that moment – when he needed us to be on our best game. 

You do this day in, day out, with each of the people who look to us for their support needs.

Every day is your best game. 

Many of our Community are very vulnerable and sometimes your work is difficult and frustrating. But I am proud to say that Caringa is capable of excellence in these tasks. You prove this every day.

That is why I am proud to work at Caringa.

YOU make me proud.

I want Caringa to be the best we can be for people who choose us for their support and for us who work here. 

You are making it happen and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

All the best,


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