Coming Soon: The Big Lebowski 2

Just in time for the release of The Big Lebowski 2 (not really, but we still hold hope), Wayne ‘’Ten Pins’’ strikes again at the recent Rebels League competition.

Word on the lanes is ‘Ol Ten Pin’s Smithy ‘ is ‘king of the wall hits’, but also has an uncanny knack of getting that ‘turkey’.

Wayne’s ability to read the lanes is renowned & when asked what his tricks are; Wayne responded with ‘’avoid the pumpkins and powder puffs’’ (TP talk for powerless bowling balls).

Fellow Rebel Leaguers describe Wayne’s bowling action as being of the ‘’cranker style’’ (applies power to the arm swing).

Keep on ‘‘swishing ’em’’ Smithy and avoid those ‘’sour apples + snake eyes’’ (TP talk for leaving a 5-7-10 split)!

 (We tried fitting all the TP jargon/colloquialisms in but couldn’t find a spot for the double pinochle).

Photos and direct support provided by – John; Disability Support Worker.

Words provided by – Dan, Client Sevices Team Leader.

‘Smithy’ is a bit of a legend around the lanes, so thanks to Dan for creating a little scribe in recognition of that!

Credit also to ALL the Caringa frontline staff for ensuring these outcomes occur and continue into the future.

Good work all around.

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